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Oracle Apps Consultants

For an e-business suite to be implemented in a business environment, clients generally hire the following consultants.

Functional Consultants

  • They are functional experts and they know the functionality of Oracle Business application.
  • They are instrumental in solving problems, making process recommendations and modifications to the implemented applications.
  • They prepare documentation(deliverables) and implement the project by using Oracle AIM (Applications Implementation Methodology) software.
  • They participate in CRP(Conference Room Pilots).
  • They Understand the data captured by each user in each of the document and their approval method, their position hierarchies used, security access, document control, and methods of communicating the data.
  • They Analyze the reports used by the users, department head and other management reporting reports.
  • They gather future business requirements, prepare GAP documents and document all data, process and discussions.
  • They map business processes to Oracle Application Software.
  • They prepare FUNCTIONAL DOCUMENTS and do the set-ups for Oracle business applications.
  • They assist the technical consultants to do their work.
  • They Work on the testing requirements and acceptance test criteria, System test scripts and for CRP Testing, Preparation of test plans.
  • They prepare training materials for end users and train the end users.
  • They are involved in the UAT and data collection phase, perform the acceptance of testing in production environment, Get sign-off of Application acceptance testing.
  • They provide assistance in Production Support and Post Production Support.

Technical Consultants

  • These consultants are technically strong and they know how to move data from legacy systems to Oracle Applications. They read the functional documents created by functional consultants and create the technical documents. Basically they convert the data, build interfaces between applications and migrate the data as per the needs.

Techno-Functional Consultants

  • They do both functional and technical work.


  • They protect the data by taking the necessary backups.

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