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In Microsoft Office Excel 2013, functions (Functions are inbuilt formulas provided by Excel itself) are grouped by Financial, Date & Time, Maths & Trig, Statistical, Lookup & Reference, Database, Text, Logical, Information, Engineering, Cube, Compatibility and Web and we will explain about commonly used FUNCTIONS in the next section. At times, Instead of using functions, you will write formulas. Below, we have given two examples for addition i.e. Example 1 and Example 2 for usage of function and formula.

Formula Tab in Excel 2013
Formula Tab in Excel 2013

Insert Function Tab in Excel 2013
Insert Function Tab in Excel 2013

  • Open Microsoft Office Excel 2013. By default, it will navigate to the HOME tab.
  • Type all data in relevant cells in we have shown in the example below in excel exercise.
  • Save the file as and when required.

Exercise - Excel 2013

Formula Wizard

Arrow For all functions and formulas, you have to type "=" in the cell.
Arrow Navigate to Formula Tab and click Insert Function. You can see a formula wizard popping up. You have to click the function and select the cells on which function has to be applied. Finally click OK.

Example 1: FUNCTION

  • If you want to add the salary of all employees, select all the values of salary. Place the cursor on 10000 (I5) and by using shift and down arrows simultaneously select 10,000, 15,000, 20,000, 25,000, and 30,000.
  • In Editing Group, select sum in the drop down list box AutoSum.
  • You can see the value of 120000 in I10 cell.
  • When you selected Autosum, the formula SUM (I5:I9) is applied automatically by excel. Instead of using shift and down arrow simultaneously, you can also place the cursor on I10 , and click SUM function.