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Visio - Overview

Visio, is a powerful and leading tool from Microsoft for creating and maintaining diagrams. Microsoft is a market leader in delivering software solutions for enterprise management, storage management, security, application life cycle management, data management, business intelligence etc.

What can be done with Visio?

Visio can be used to design diagrams either in metric or in US units by making use of numerous templates that comes with the Visio Software. With the help of these templates, following diagrams can be drawn.

  • Business Process diagrams: Audit diagram, Basic Flow Chart, Cause and Effect Diagram, Cross Functional Flow Chart, Data Flow Diagram, EPC Diagram, Fault Tree Analysis Diagram, TQM Diagram and Work Flow Diagrams.
  • Database: Database Model Diagrams, Express-G, ORM Diagram.
  • Flow Chart: Basic Flow Chart, Cross Functional Flow Chart, Data Flow Diagram, IDEF0 Diagram, SDL Diagram.
  • Charts and Graphs: Charts and Graphs, Marketing Charts and Diagrams.
  • Chart: Organization Chart, Organization Chart Wizard.
  • Map: Directional Map and Directional Map 3D.
  • Network: Active Directory, Basic Network Diagram, Detailed Network Diagram, LDAP Directory, Novell Directory Services, Rack Diagram.
  • Process Engineering: Piping and Instrumentation Diagram, and Process Flow Diagram.
  • Project Schedule: Calendar, Gantt chart, PERT Chart, Timeline.
  • Software: COM and OLE, Data Flow Model Diagram, Enterprise Application, Jackson, Program Structure, ROOM, UML Model Diagram, Windows XP User Interface.
  • Web Diagram: Conceptual Web Site, Web Site Map.
  • Block Diagrams: Basic diagram, Block diagram, and Block diagram with perspective.
  • Brain Storming: Brainstorming diagrams.
  • Building Plan: Electrical and Telecom Plan, Floor Plan, Home Plan, HVAC Control Logic Diagram, HVAC Plan, Office Layout, Plumbing Layout, Plumbing and Piping Plan, Reflected Ceiling Plan, Security Plan and Access Plan, Site Plan, Space Plan.
  • Electrical Engineering: Base Electrical, Circuits and Logic, Industrial Control Systems, Systems.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Fluid Power, Part and Assembly Drawing.

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